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When it comes to corrosion protection, we set new standards.

VCI Schaum

COPRO®VLIES is a soft plastic fleece made of polypropylene (PP). It is dry and resistant to abrasion. Due to the open-cell structure, the corrosion-inhibiting molecules are quickly released into the surrounding area and the protective atmosphere is available after a short period of built-up within the packaging.

COPRO®VLIES can be combined with all other products of the COPRO series and is ideal as an insert in trays, additional depot or for wrapping parts.

Especially suitable for scratch-sensitive surfaces and without fiber abrasion

Due to its soft structure, the COPRO®VLIES is particularly gentle and therefore ideally suited for the packaging of scratch and impact-sensitive surfaces. Products such as motors, gearboxes, etc., where fiber abrasion can lead to major problems and therefore VCI paper cannot be used, VCI fleece is the better alternative. Thus, even components with the highest cleanliness requirements can be protected against corrosion with VCI.     


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The most important COPRO®Vlies properties at a glance:


  • Protection for ferrous metals

  • Tested Quality

  • Protects sensitive surfaces from scratches

  • Long-term protection

  • Free of amines and nitrite

  • No substances listed in the TRGS 900 used

  • No workplace measurements necessary

  • Low odor

  • Various designs

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