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When it comes to corrosion protection, we set new standards. 

VCI Schaum

COrrosion PROtection, in short: COPRO®, is the expression for a new and effective corrosion protection. The COPRO® series combines corrosion protection for aluminum, copper, brass and steel, all the way to zinc in a single product. This flexible corrosion inhibitor system can be applied to all common substrates such as paper, foil, foam, etc.

The user is at the center of our actions. Following this principle, we developed our COPRO® product range deliberately avoiding nitrite and amines as components of the recipe. The formation of health-damaging nitrosamines is thus fundamentally excluded. The products comply with the TRGS 615* of the Federal Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (BAuA). In addition, hazardous substances as defined in TRGS 900* (BAuA) are not part of our recipe. Costly workplace measurements or restrictions are therefore eliminated. Our COPRO® products are considered absolutely safe by occupational medicine. This is our contribution to occupational safety and environmental protection.

We will gladly advise you and develop a packaging concept

that is customized to your needs














*as of January 2017

Effective Corrosion Protection


The production of the COPRO® series uses only high quality raw materials. Together with the COPRO®VCI system, products are created for highest demands.

All COPRO® series’ corrosion protection products are checked by extensive corrosion protection tests in the in-house laboratory and at external testing institutes. Outstanding corrosion protection properties paired with our experience in application technology enable optimal and efficient packaging concepts.



Because of the multi-metal protection of the COPRO® product family, one product is generally sufficient for the protection and value retention of all of your products. Misapplications are now a thing of the past.
Elaborate training, required because of the many differently acting anticorrosive products, typical with individual processing requirements, is eliminated. Additional expenses as a result of higher material and storage costs can be reduced lastingly.

Protects Environment & Employees

All COPRO® series products completely dispense with hazardous substances. The products are free of nitrite, amines and other substances listed in the TRGS 900; thus making a significant contribution to the increasing occupational safety, simultaneously protecting the environment.

Workplace measurements are no longer necessary with COPRO® products. The low-odor products of the COPRO® series ensure a pleasant working environment. The generally accepted statement: “A good Volatile Corrosion Inhibitor (VCI) must smell”, is impressively refuted by our COPRO®series.

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