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Uncompromising! Innovative! Reliable!

When it comes to corrosion protection, we set new standards.

VCI Schaum

COPRO®FOAM VCI foam has an open structure, which delivers the highly effective corrosion inhibitors very quickly to the surrounding area. VCI foam is therefore particularly well suited for large-volume packaging and is used here as an additional fast VCI dispenser. COPRO®FOAM can be used both as a protection for nonferrous and ferrous metals, which makes a misuse practically impossible. Do not take any risks!


Upholstery and corrosion protection in one

Of course, the COPRO®FOAM foam can be combined with all other products of the COPRO® series and is ideal as an additional depot. Hence, a faster and more effective development of the corrosion protection is guaranteed in large-volume packaging. In addition, the foam provides an excellent cushioning effect. COPRO®FOAM is available as rolls or sheets, whichever is best-suited for your process chain.  

We would like to work out the right solution for you, too. Please use the contact form for your inquiry. We will get back to you shortly.


The most important COPRO®Foam properties at a glance:


  • Tested Quality

  • Long-term protection

  • Free of amines and nitrite

  • No substances listed in the TRGS 900 used

  • No workplace measurements necessary

  • Low odor

  • Various designs

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